What is RPM, CPC, CTR in Google Adsense

If you are a blogger or a youtuber and if you use google adsense then you see different parameter in adsense account.

Like cpc, ctr, page views, rpm, impression in your adsense account.

 And if you learning about what is cpc, rpm ctr, impression, page views in adsense account then this article helpful for you.

 In this article you will learn about what is Page views, RPM, CTR, Impression, CPC in Google adsense account.
What is RPM, CPC, CTR in Google Adsense

What is RPM in Adsense:

Page RPM means page revenue per mile. Here mile means 1000 page views.

 In short page rpm means page revenue per thousand impressions.

Rpm is calculated by your estimated earnings by the number of page views you drive in your blog page, then multiplying by 1000.

(Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000

For example if your estimated earning 0.5$ and your page views 100 then your page rpm 5$.

What is CTR in Adsense:

CTR means Click through Rate. CTR is calculated by how many times ads click on your blog divided by how many ad requests.

For example, if you received 500 time ad requests and ads click 10 times then your ctr 2%. [(10/500)*100 = 2]

High CTR is good?

High CTR abeusly bad. If your adsense account CTR less than 10% that is good.

But if your adsense accounts ctr higher than 10% then your adsense account is denger.

 Mostly adsense account disable for higher ctr because higher ctr means invalid clicks activity.

What is CPC in Adsense:

CPC means Cost per Click. CPC is important factor for every advertiser and publisher.

CPC define the cost of every ads click, CPC rate depend on keyword, when users click on ads.

CPC rate depend on keyword, In Adsense google set the rate of keyword, where advertisers pay for advertising. 

If your cpc low then you focus on keyword research to find high cpc keywords. 

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